TOP TIP: Get a great lawyer!

If you are getting a divorce or have already separated and believe you will be getting a divorce, engage the services of a family lawyer asap, we would recommend http://helpwithfamilylaw.co.uk/.  Chances are you have worked hard throughout your life and you don’t want to feel that you lose everything because your relationship has fallen down.  Yes, chances are a couple will build up their life together but assets will help you build a platform for the future.

Divorce is never a good thing unless you are in an intolerable situation.  It can be very sad when two people who were once very happy decide to separate.  If kids are involved they can be very upset, this can have an impact on schoolwork and their social skills.  Some people stay together for the kids, but that really is not the best way forward.  Youngsters deal with divorce more readily in this day and age.  Apparently, 1 in 3 teenagers comes from a broken home or is in a blended family situation.

Considerations of Divorce

All that kids think about in divorce is how it will impact their lives, whereas the parent worries like mad about the children and of course themselves.  It can be a case of dog eat dog in a divorce, but the important factor is to get your lawyer sorted out so they can represent you without the emotion.   A divorce lawyer will take account of your assets, any prenuptial agreement and what is agreed, they will look out for your interests, but you will find they are also focused on the minor.

If you are going down this route, expect upset but try to have a clear head.  Being considerate as much as possible is good advice as you cannot take words back and children always remember what the adult has said throughout the duration of the divorce and this can influence their adult relationships.

It is also worth noting we do not do wills and probate. You will need to find a wills and probate solicitors for help with that.