Postnuptial Agreement

Written Agreement after Marriage

Some have heard prenuptial agreements spoken about on TV programmes, it is becoming more popular these days to get a prenuptial agreement drawn up before you get married but what about after marriage?  The postnuptial agreement is a written document that is legally binding, it outlines what you would be entitled to if you should ever separate or divorce.  Some see this as a safety precaution, but it is generally better to have this postnuptial agreement in place.

For the duration of a marriage or union, you may find one person earns more than the other, maybe one person stays at home to look after the children while the other goes out to work.  If the relationship breaks down that could mean one person is in a stronger financial position and better equipped to move on.  A postnuptial agreement outlines basically who gets what this could include property, bank accounts, bills to be paid and of course children.

Benefit from a Postnuptial Agreement

The postnuptial agreement may take months to compile, you should both have separate lawyers who will act in your best interest.  The children need to be protected at all times, if the child is under 16 years of age, the lawyer would need to get written statements from a neutral person to say the child is being well looked after, clothed and is living in a safe environment.

The benefit from having a postnuptial agreement is that if you do split, the document contains information that has already been agreed, making the process simpler and hopefully with hopefully less arguments.  Get a good lawyer, having very professional legal representation is worth its weight in gold.  You should research your lawyer and make sure you feel you can work with them.  We put a link on the home page of this blog to refer a company.