Prenuptial Agreement

Protect your Assets

When you enter into a relationship and live together it’s important to get a prenuptial agreement filed with the courts, and signed by a Judge.  Your lawyer will help draw up the minute of agreement and get your partner’s lawyer to represent him/her.  When you go into a relationship you have assets, you may have sold a flat or house and buying together, so you will have money to invest.  If you separate and don’t have a legally binding document after you have put your money in, you may walk out with very little.

A prenuptial agreement can take months to complete, depending on the communication between the two lawyers and how long it takes either of you to respond.  TOP TIP: Get your lawyer to explain things in plain English.  Lawyers speak in legal terms that can seem complicated for us, don’t be afraid to ask them to simplify it for you.

It is a weight off your shoulders when you get the document signed and filed with the courts, it is about safeguarding your future.  If you have to separate for whatever reason you want the separation to be as quick and pain-free as possible.  There is no point in becoming hostile and argumentative for the sake of it, chances are you have been through the wars to get to this point.

A prenuptial agreement is more common these days, when you get married you would then get a postnuptial agreement after several years.  It is important to ensure these documents are kept up to date.  Do not rely on the integrity of another person, get it in writing and legally drawn up by your lawyer.

Do research and pick the best person for the job, someone who has experience and who you can work with.  We have put a link on the home page of this blog to take you to a site we recommend.